About IS Foundation

The IS Foundations introduction to the world started out as a wish for Ian Somerhalders' 32nd Birthday. He asked that if people truely wanted to give him a gift that they donate to his foundation so they can begin to make a difference and right the wrongs of this world. Ian's thousands of fans rallied to the cause and the support the Foundation is receiving from all over the world is amazing. His dedication and enthusiasm to this special cause has made so many people change their way of thinking about this world and how they live in it. He has made many of us want to be better more considerate people and our eyes have been opened to the plight of our planet and all it contains. Visit the foundations website and see how you can help this fantastic collection of selfless people to fulfill a dream of a better future.

Monday, June 6

The new cafepress store

This store has taken a while to open (i was hoping to have it open on 1st June) but had a few difficulties,
items can be shipped almost anywhere in the world and all profit made will be donated to IS_Foundation,
so come and have a look, there is something for everyone 

Anni xx

Sunday, May 29

Something new is coming

Hello again everyone, I have been very busy trying to get a project off the ground, watch this space because it will be up and running on the 1st June 2011

There are more projects in the works and I will post about them when they are ready to get started, the next project will be starting within the next few days anyone wanting to help is more than welcome for infomation please send a direct message on twitter @ISF_UK

ok eveyone, the 1st June date has to pushed back, as I am having a few technical difficulties, I will post a new date as soon as I can
 Anni X

Friday, May 20

St. Tammany Humane Society fundraiser

Marilyn at Paws 2 make a difference is currently running a raffle to raise funds for St. Tammany Humane Society, and the prize is a 2 night stay in Orlando with tickets to Disney World theme parks, all the information can be found on the website http://paws2makeadifference.org/sponsor/full-width/

please show your support

Anni x